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Terremoto '68: 2012 Inconceivable Rosso Terre Siciliane


Vintage 2012: The 2012 vintage was slightly warmer than the average, although it was characterized by regular climatic trends. The rainfall was concentrated in spring, but altogether in 2012 there was less rainfall than average over the last 10 years (470 mm compared to the ten-year average of 670 mm), with yields that were slightly lower than average. This below average rainfall stressed the vines during the growing season, resulting in grapes that produced a fragrant, full bodied and elegant wine.

Varietal blend:
BLACK SOIL - 50% Nero d’Avola from vines cultivated in the black soil in the hills surrounding the town of Gibellina in the Belice Valley.

This black soil is found in the Belice Valley at an altitude that varies from 200 to 300 meters. It is rich in silt and clay substances, is compact and resistant to drought. It is the ideal habitat for the cultivation of the king of indigenous Sicilian red grape, Nero d’Avola.

WHITE SOIL - 30% Nerello Mascalese from vines cultivated in the white soil in the hills surrounding the town of Salemi.

Characteristic of the Salemi’s hills ranging from 350 to 600 meters, it is a soil of average compactness with a very high presence of limestone and sometimes chalk, stemming from the numerous chalky-sulphurous formations in the area. Characterized by a dry microclimate with good water retention, it is particularly suitable, due to its minerality, for the cultivation of Nerello Mascalese.

RED SOIL - 20% Frappato from vines cultivated in the red soil located around the sea level ancient Greek town of Selinunte in the Belice Valley.

A key element of the soil in the southwestern coast of Sicily is that it is rich in sand and stones and, as such, boasts a very loose composition that is rich in ferrous micro-elements. In addition, the area is characterized by a dry microclimate that is perfect for the cultivation of indigenous red berry varieties such as Frappato.

WINEMAKING: Harvested in September, the grapes were vinified in stainless steel vats and macerated with their skins for about 12 days at 26-30°C (79-86°F). After malolactic fermentation, the wine was racked into French and Americanoak barriques, 90% new, for 18 months.

Barrel Aging: 18 months in barrel, 50% French oak and 50% American oak.

Tasting Notes: A blend of indigenous red varieties, this dry red wine has a deep purple color and is elegant, intense and balanced. It offers up an essential taste of Sicily: Full aromas with notes of red fruits, such as plums, mulberries, black cherry and blueberry. On the palate the wine is full bodied with nuances of spice, licorice, tobacco, pepper, and cocoa and fine tannins that add structure to the round, savory finish.

ALCOHOL: 14.0%
BOTTLING DATE: June 9, 2014 (in Salemi, Sicily)


INCONCEIVABLE should, perhaps, be called "Conceived At Last!" These are wines produced and bottled by Middleton Family Wines. We imagined them, then considered our grape sourcing and winemaking, and declared them INCONCEIVABLE … and set about finding ways to make them anyway.

INCONCEIVABLE wines are always "of a place." They have distinctive aromas and flavors indigenous e...etc., ending here so you can see what’s at the end.

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